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Our Chief Dealer

Patrick Teng started his banking career in FX trading in 1981 and has held various key positions, including as Chief Dealer for different global banks.

While still in his 20s, he was appointed the Vice President and Chief Dealer of Chase Manhattan Bank, making him one of the youngest chief dealers in Singapore at that time.

Patrick was also the Vice President of Treasury for the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) in Tokyo, where he actively traded as an inter-bank market maker in the world’s third largest FX market.

Patrick understands that the core of a trader’s role is making decisions under conditions of uncertainty and risk. He believes that the higher performing traders are ‘emotionally stable and open to experience’. Emotional stability immunizes the trader against the stress and strains of a job that places a premium on maintaining detachment in the face of large gains or losses. Openness is associated with intelligence and the ability to adapt to fast-changing environments.

What’s New?

  • Series of higher lows. Price holding at 1.37925. Break of short grey line.
  • Price retraced down to around the 1.37800 support. Inverted head and shoulder formed.
  • Price broke out of the consolidation. Pullback and held below 1.37905. Series of
  • Price broke the series of lower highs that formed at the 1.38 level.
  • Double bottom on 1 min chart. Crossover of 1.3800. 3rd higher low holding
  • Head and shoulders formed. Series of lower highs. 0% Fibo level broke.

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